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 Lgshine refrigerator yao china's cookware awards 2009-lgshine refrigerator home appliances.

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Lgshine refrigerator yao china's cookware awards 2009-lgshine refrigerator home appliances. Empty
PostSubject: Lgshine refrigerator yao china's cookware awards 2009-lgshine refrigerator home appliances.   Lgshine refrigerator yao china's cookware awards 2009-lgshine refrigerator home appliances. I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 10, 2011 3:37 pm

<! -- google_ad_section_start -->Home Mobile phone network News HC: 5 Sept, officially launched in Nanjing, all the "N-th power of lifespan tomorrow, Chinese home products -2 009 Awards" Tour starting ceremony, LG introduced a wine cooling unit called SHINE attracted countless people passing on the eye. Presented bySuning Electric co-organized by China Industrial Design Association tour event, designed to bring consumers the next and most IN, some of the most technological and innovative home appliances, LG chose to display the tour events this fridge, it means that most consumers are demonstrating their latest many science and technology L & D, establish its pivotal position on the appliance industry. LG SHINE TEETH WHITENING refrigerator main " Environmental protection Energy + innovative design + human technology "card, just with the" yr China Design Award "made" men and women, aesthetics, science and solutions, the Imagination, "the essential line with four fit, combined with its genuine freshness, energy saving refrigeration, excellent design, thin large space and the and convenient as this core technology concepts, as well as makes this advanced technology with a sense of the refrigerator. LGSHINE set the void sealed vegetable room, all the closed structure Baoxianan void technology, can achieve 99% cost of air sealing, water and nutrition to perform long-term preservation effect of the structure in a vacuum sealed crisper basis, by excluding the actual within the vegetable container, and strengthen the vacuum effect of average vegetable container triple more long-term preservation. Also maintaining the natural ecology of water conservation, indoor winter to maintain 76% moisture content, vacuum sealed vegetables outside humidity 89%; to the internal refrigerator temperature of underneath 1 掳 C deviation. Inside the boxLED Cold light source lighting, almost no temperatures, air-conditioning temperature to maintain the balance within the cabinet, the refrigerator has held the natural fresh flavor of food. LGSHINE Korea imported along with the first two generation from variable speed compressor, the compressor crankshaft drive to rotate the original way, choosing linear operation mode, to relief friction points to a lot more muted effect; the same time automatically consistent with changes in the outer environment magnitude of compression setting rod run, run rate usually in the hot season, large, managing small increase in typically the cold season, up high to store energy consumption, high efficiency, energy saving, energy saving effect. More people credit scores, LG refrigerator LED cold source of light used in all new lighting technology, not only effectively reduce the energy consumption index for those user to save an electrical source costs. LGSHINE is called on the culmination of the fridge door, the atmosphere is mainly for the luxurious designs, using a third generation Tang pattern develop, tempered glassPanel Corrosion engraving technology certainly is the perfect embodiment of products and art. At the same time, door handles and the bar part of this process beautiful inlaid Swarovski aspects, embodies the high life. In addition, LCD Touch-screen within the creative way to achieve a concealed operation, automatically selected high temperature zone, convenient and workable control. The ultra-thin design, the same volume content, the area smaller. Instant door on ice, the freezer box around the ice machine moved to the door on the set, effectively saving 10L about space. For the convenience of all time is still the middle door set with touch-bar identifies and automaticDrinking. To be more creative touch bar pieces, which can have hefty hands were raised when lightly touched together with elbow, you can perfectly open, humane and simple and easy. Market analysts pointed out, LG "new system of environmental protection, " not only reinforces LG's primary position in the refrigerator on the markets, has become a new generation of creative development of a model refrigerators. Currently, LG refrigerator is among the most industry recognized "green energy + creative design + human being technology, " the leading manufacturers of innovative home appliances and the national tour event for those LG refrigerator will bring more care about market performance and status. I am an experienced from China B2B Market, usually analyzes all somewhat industries situation, such like leather bean bag furniture, glider chair and ottoman.
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Lgshine refrigerator yao china's cookware awards 2009-lgshine refrigerator home appliances.
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