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 Everything About Lenovo G550.

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PostSubject: Everything About Lenovo G550.   Thu Oct 13, 2011 12:59 pm

While Lenovo is most commonly known for its high-end ThinkPad netbooks, it also offers a smallish range of high-quality entry level machines. The latest stands out as the G550, a powerful, usable and portable procedure that vastly exceeds all expectations at this low price point.

The average build quality rears its head in other areas. The keyboard is sensibly laid out and the keys have a nice, positive action, but you don抰 have to press too hard to feel the base give way underneath. It抯 a embarrassed, since it makes for a disconnected feel that isn抰 because pleasant to type on for the reason that best we've tried.

The fantastic 15. 6-inch widescreen panel aids entertainment use. Stunning brightness, colour and contrast combine with deep black levels to get truly vibrant images. The glossy Super-TFT coating is not overly reflective, making it straightforward view in most lights conditions.
Lenovo transitioned to a new touchpad on this G550, switching from the Synaptics model over the G530 to an ALPS station. The ALPS pad doesn't have as quick of your refresh rate, so at times it feels like a pointer is lagging associated with your finger. Another problem is the surface isn't as susceptible for users who plan to use tap to check out and tap to get frequently. On the Synaptics pad it is easy to drag and lift away from, while the ALPS models seem to need a strong tap at the end, otherwise it won't let go of the selected item and you keep dragging it within the screen. The touchpad buttons are similar to the old ones, with shallow feedback and giving off a positive "click" when pressed.

Usability is excellent. The wide keyboard proves accurate at all times. The large keys have a slightly spongy typing measures, but not enough to hinder use. A full numeric keypad on the board's right-hand side makes it quick and easy to input data.

This machine features a dual-core processor and operation notably betters most rivals with this in mind price. Applications run quickly and multiple tasks can be performed simultaneously without slowing the machine down.

Graphics performance is less impressive, but improves the similarly specified Advent Roma 2000 and Toshiba Satellite television on pc L450-136. There is plenty of power for general dwelling use, as well seeing that basic photo and video clip editing, but don't expect to play the latest games on this machine.
The capacious 320GB hard drive doubles the capacity of the HP and Toshiba but will hold an entire family's recordsdata. This is one on the only laptops that lacks the card reader, however. Bear this in mind if you plan to upload photos at a digital camera.

Unlike any Advent and Toshiba, there is no HDMI port for connecting to an HDTV for a bigger, high-definition (HD) digital imagine. Analogue connectivity is provided by a VGA-out. Three USB ports let you add peripherals, with two on the chassis' left side your decide one on the right.

One of the big problems of the G530 was the battery power life. The G550 uses a smaller battery but actually comes with a longer running time than the older version and much more on par with various budget laptops. Expect roughly three and a half to four hours regarding typical usage with two . 5 when playing back video clip.

The Lenovo G550 is a very solid and durable notebook, but now is missing some of the features that were standard to the previous revision. From what could only be considered cost-cutting measures, Lenovo took away one USB dock, removed the ExpressCard slot, and moved to a ALPS touchpad. These types of changes might not look as bad should the retail price also fallen, but it is selling for the same price as (if not really slightly more than) the prior model. I would still happily take this model over a lot of the small-business targeted notebooks that can be purchased, but it is just a shame to be no longer as nice while it once was.


- Very Sturdy Feel
- Excellent Keyboard
- Better Battery Life Over G530


- Slightly More High priced Than Similarly Equipped Notebooks
- Lacks Support To get 802. 11n Wireless
- Fewer Ports Than G530 Type
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Everything About Lenovo G550.
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