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 Book Review Review of the Encyclopedia of Insert Jewellery Techniques by Sara Withers.

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PostSubject: Book Review Review of the Encyclopedia of Insert Jewellery Techniques by Sara Withers.   Fri Oct 14, 2011 1:41 pm

The particular Encyclopedia of Wire Jewellery Techniques is quite a nice book yet it’ s not an extensive encyclopedia of wire charms techniques. It does provide all manner of basic wire and cable and bead jewelry techniques but most of the more advanced wire weaving methods are absent. You ought to know this before you obtain. This is a specifically good book for someone a novice to wire art jewelry who wants to integrate wire and beans. Having said all which usually, this is still an excellent, solid beginner’ s ebook.
The book starts out that has a short Tools and Materials section accompanied by Core Techniques. This chapter provides information on essentials like making loops and also findings and ear wiring. If you’ re a complete novice, this chapter will help you learn how to carry your tools and change the wire sufficiently to begin with connecting beads and putting together some early jewelry items.
Next, the book moves over to Decorative Shapes and Spacers which should lead the beginner straight into gaining more control more than wire. Making Shapes has good illustration to further help you master the wire. There’ s also a short section on using a jig which can be nice and certainly perfect for beginners to learn related to. For those of you who are not aware of, a jig is a tiny tool that allows you to make repeat identical cable shapes saving time plus ensuring fast duplication for wire shapes.
We’ re lead next right into Simple Decorative Chains which starts out with simple, repetitive element kinds of chains and leads straight into chain maille chains equally flat and round. This section is well built up in terms of projects and starts providing a lot more challenging projects.
Decorating Beads and Stones follows with a large assortment of alternatives. While using thicker gauge wires might increase the appeal of some of these decorative options, the reader will still be left with plenty regarding inspiration. This is as well as decorating donuts, coiling around beads, advanced wrapping techniques and how to encase a marble inside wire.
The book shifts to Knitting and crochet techniques at this point and this section is well done. Moving on to Turning techniques, constructing with cable, Simple techniques, Bracelets in addition to Bangles all add further more skill enhancement. Along with all of that, this section provides information on making rings and completing wire shapes with beads.
A final chapter generally known as, Towards Silversmithing, is an excellent treat and provides information on soldering, patination (coloring the wire), annealing (heating), forging (hammering) and fusing (melting metal together). This section will be most helpful for those choosing to increase extend their art rings skills.
The book finishes with an 18 page Gallery Part offering some additional inspiration and challenge towards novice wire worker.
All in all, The Encyclopedia of Wire Jewellery Techniques is a valuable book for beginners as i said earlier. It is well illustrated along with the step-by-step photos are well done and extremely helpful. While more advanced techniques like coiling, braiding, weaving wire and other textile techniques aren’ t included, there are other fine books addressing those issues with wire jewelry making. So, again, if you’ re a beginner, this book has much to offer.
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Book Review Review of the Encyclopedia of Insert Jewellery Techniques by Sara Withers.
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