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 Acer Aim 11. 6 Ao751h Mini netbook computer Large Screen, Lightweight, Plus Priced Right.

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PostSubject: Acer Aim 11. 6 Ao751h Mini netbook computer Large Screen, Lightweight, Plus Priced Right.   Sat Oct 15, 2011 4:41 pm

In today's harsh economic times, uncovering the "best bang to your bucks" is more important previously. This belief is particularly a factor for things that we must have to make the lives easier or let's be more productive. Take as an example, the computers that we use. Being online is particularly important for students what person do research and telecommuting workers in offices who need to communicate with their associates through email address. They use laptops. But laptops may be costly (as in a huge number of dollars), bulky (as in more than a foot-and-a-half wide), and hefty (as in 3-5 lbs).

Today come the netbooks. They're laptops but have already been reduced to its basic function for Net connection, email, and light work for instance paper composition or reports. They are small and compact. 9 to 10 inch screens are the average size. Furthermore, travelling office workers and students will require to the netbook's average weight of not as much as 3 lbs. They're much simpler and lighter to have. Easily as important could be the netbook's price. They retail at under $500.

Acer 11. 6" Notebook

The Acer Aspire AO751H netbook is special especially because it is one of the first with screens larger than 10 inches. Its 11. 6" screen helps it be so much easier for computer users to discover what they're doing. Students could have an easier time studying online or writing your papers. Office workers can have a much easier moment creating the report or typing in the memo that they require. The 11. 6 inches widescreen features a display resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels through an aspect ratio of 18: 9. That's the same aspect ratio in most high definition tv. Moreover, the screen uses an energy efficient backlit display LED and helps out in a very prolonged battery life. The 6-cell battery can operate approximately 7 hours in one charge.

And Acer is doing this at under $400. The Acer 11. 6 Netbook can be acquired for a retail cost of $389. 00.

To the price, the Acer 11. 6 Netbook can be not sacrificing any effectiveness. The Acer 11. 6" Laptop has the components seen in a great many netbooks that's being marketed currently. It comes which includes a 1. 33 GHz Intel Atom brand, 1GB of SDRAM, 160 GB of hard disk drive space, and Win XP.

What's regarded as being the Acer 11. 6" Laptop's defining feature could be the Multi-Gesture Touchpad. It's nice improvement over existing touch pads which can be limited in functionality. The Multi-Gesture Touchpad you should you manuever around records and websites with motions more natural for your requirements. So you could be swirling, flicking, or pinching on the screen and the new touchpad will accommodate everyone.

These really makes this Acer Aspire 11. 6 netbook the most from your money.
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Acer Aim 11. 6 Ao751h Mini netbook computer Large Screen, Lightweight, Plus Priced Right.
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