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 Asus P5K3 Fancy.

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Asus P5K3 Fancy. Empty
PostSubject: Asus P5K3 Fancy.   Asus P5K3 Fancy. I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 19, 2011 1:54 pm

Many come and go, and yet Asus抯 P5K3 Deluxe remains to be the fastest motherboard we抳e noticed.
The passage of period rapidly turns most PERSONAL PC components from nubile fresh things into withered older crones. It's just in the same manner of the world. Except for this Asus board. It's arguably especially of a goer than that it was at launch. It's enough to help with making you wonder whether we have a portrait of a dirty and desiccated P5K3 hidden from the attic.
The reason with the P5K3's Dorian Gray status, of course, is that Intel's P35 chipset has yet to always be eclipsed for pure overclocking. Subsequently it just gets less expensive. In our tests, it again achieved a startling 520MHz coach frequency without northbridge voltage tweaking. It's a great choice for increasing cheap Intel processors through annoyingly low (and locked) CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT multipliers. Its no-nonsense feature set enhances the built-for-speed allure.
MSI P35 Us platinum
The Intel P35 chipset's status being the weapon of choice for overclocking slaps upon it perilously lofty expectations. On the web forget that it's a fabulous mainstream chipset. The same logic corresponds to MSI's P35 Platinum enter.
This is a sub $200 motherboard that nevertheless packs an amazing solid feature set, including support for ones latest 1, 333MHz Intel processors together with quality copper cooling for ones chipset. Notably, MSI has plumped for the DDR2 rather then DDR3 memory support, which arguably makes more sense at the price point.
The daily life of Asus's P5K3, flattens typically the P35 Platinum for fresh overclockability, though. Granted, a bus speed of 475MHz is definitely not poor. But the additional 50MHz the Asus defines crucially maximizes the results of Intel's cheaper Foremost 2 chips.
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Asus P5K3 Fancy.
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