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 How To Give Away Promotional Pens

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PostSubject: How To Give Away Promotional Pens   How To Give Away Promotional Pens I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 09, 2011 5:18 pm

Many companies that are trying to promote their business will give away promotional pens in order to do so. Promotional pens are essentially pens that have a company's name and/or logo printed on them and this then means that when someone looks at the pen they are instantly reminded of the company.

What makes this such a great method for promoting a company is that pens are so cheap to manufacture and thus so cheap to purchase particularly when buying in bulk. Any promotional gift ideas are great for marketing, but something like a custom USB stick will cost much more to make and so you'll be less able to give them away in large quantities.

With promotional pens however you can literally give them away and order large batches in and not drastically increase your overheads. Despite this the promotional power of a pen is almost as great as a custom USB as you'll be using it just as regularly (the only difference being that a custom USB will last a bit longer). As you can give away promotional pens, there will be many more in circulation and you can spread your message among far more people.

The question is though ?how do you go about giving away the pens and finding the right opportunities? Fortunately as pens are such small and practical items we will often have them on us and people will often need them meaning there are lots of ways to give them away.

One is simply to carry a few of your own pens yourself and to then offer these to clients and business partners who don't have them. Say you're visiting another company for instance to decide whether or not to do business together and they need to sign something ?lend them your pen and then simply offer for them to keep it. This way whether or not you do business together, you will be promoting your company within their walls ?your pen is in there like a trojan horse.

Another option is to give them away with other items. If you give away any promotional booklets or leaflets then you can include a pen just clipped onto the top. Likewise if you give away any kind of promotional gift bag then you can include a pen here too, or you can even package them when you send your products to customers.

Barclays the bank are interestingly one of the companies to come up with the most creative solutions to giving away promotional pens. As a bank, people will often be queueing to sign cheques and other documentation and for this they will need pens. Most companies provide one or two pens and have these actually chained down to the tables to ensure they aren't stolen. This comes across as cheap, petty and means that there aren't many pens to go round if there are lots of people in the bank.

Barclays on the other hand provide a box of promotional pens and let people keep them after they're done. This way everyone has enough pens, they feel like they've been given a gift and thus feel more fond of the company, and the message is spread through the homes of almost every customer who comes in.

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How To Give Away Promotional Pens
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