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 Asus Laptops Leaders In Tech

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PostSubject: Asus Laptops Leaders In Tech   Mon Nov 14, 2011 3:32 pm

While there are many companies striving to gain an advantage in the laptop market, ASUS has clearly stepped forward and taken the upper hand. Within the last few months, ASUS laptops have taken a big stride towards incorporating the latest technologies into its Netbook production line such as USB 3.0, Bluetooth 3.0, and Intel抯 dual core Atom processor. Also, ASUS has discovered ways to compete with Apple抯 IPAD and with their unique tablet strategy; it has its eyes set on being a serious competitor in the market.

Consumers in the market for a new laptop do not need to spend more than $1,000 or wait until Christmas time as laptops for sale stack up shelves of many outlet stores. ASUS抯 inexpensive Netbook stay within a low budget and include some of the latest technologies such as USB 3.0 for faster data transfer speeds up to three times that of USB 2.0. Bluetooth has become a norm in technological products, and ASUS Netbooks has incorporated Bluetooth 3.0 which allows greater data throughput. Another major advancement is that their new line of ASUS Netbooks also incorporates Intel抯 new dual-core Atom processor which delivers high level integration that fuses the CPU cores with the GPU for an incredible 13 hours of battery life. ASUS Netbooks are basically an allin once PC at an affordable price without breaking the bank. Consumers do not have to pay more to have advanced technology at their hands. Given these three new technologies that ASUS is incorporating into their Netbooks separate them from the other companies that are currently in pursuit of perfecting their own laptops.

During the CES 2011, ASUS announced its line of four tablets running Android and Windows Operating System which allows for more versatility to the consumer. Another area which ASUS puts emphasis on was the physical form factor and tablet design geared towards users with different necessities, something which Apple lacked to do so in their IPAD. The first of the four ASUS tablets is an Eee Pad MeMo which is a 7-inch Android 3.0 tablet that carries a Micro HDMI port and 1090p video playback for a crisp video viewing experience. The second tablet that ASUS carries is the Eee Slate EP121 which runs on a Windows based OS. It has a 12-inch tablet which runs the powerful Intel Core i5 processor and packs a 1280x800 screen resolution for a sharp viewing display. Lastly, the final two tablets created by ASUS both run Android 3.0 and have a more computer feel to it with a physical keyboard. Known as the Eee Pad transformer and Eee Pad Slider, they both have access to the Android market and consumers can access their favorite apps similar to the way Apple has it featured on their IPAD. Given ASUS抯 advancements in laptop technology and how they have managed to carry that magic over to the tablet market labels them as a strong competitor. Consumers can benefit from ASUS抯 low cost without sacrifice in technology.

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Asus Laptops Leaders In Tech
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