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 Asus Notebook Fault Analysis And Remedy Methods.

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Asus Notebook Fault Analysis And Remedy Methods. Empty
PostSubject: Asus Notebook Fault Analysis And Remedy Methods.   Asus Notebook Fault Analysis And Remedy Methods. I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 19, 2011 1:54 pm

1. ASUS Notebook service --- no power Laptop power supply circuit for the standard, we will measure: DVMAIN, H8-VDD5, 5VAS, 5V, 5VS, VCCA, VCCP, 3V_ICH, 1. 8V_ICH 12V, DDR2. 5V, 3V_LAN, 3VCLK66, 3VCLKCPU, 3VCLKPCI, 3V_USB. Only with these voltage, it can constitute an electrical circuit, but also some of the necessary laptop repair strength circuit signal: PCIRST, PWRSW, H8-RESET, IDEREST, VCC5M_ON_PMH4, THERMDA, H8_SDA1, and so on. Laptop motherboard architecture according to the principle, basically all this board must follow the particular principle.
2, ASUS laptop repair --- although no display power Many possibilities for this situation, we are seeking to exclude, first of all furthermore, it depends on power voltage will not be normal, if normal, consider a signal problem. At now signal to be calculated more: SMB_CLK, CPU_STP, PCI_STP, CLK_ENABLE, USBCLK_48M, LPCCLK_H8, and we shall be judged according to the signal flow of a specific perhaps the problem. 1. Do not keep a superb memory or internal harm. 2. Video card difficulty. 3. LCD screen production problem. 4. Asus Power supply caused by CPU or motherboard and power supply voltage is not standard, power output is not likely normal.
3, ASUS laptop repair --- boot from time to time obvious, sometimes not considerable, or Huaping For the laptop VGA because of this failure occurs the situation a little more, mainly because there will be VGA notebook heat, especially the VGA, it's operating temperature is even higher than the CPU has recently been working at high heat, it will VGA or burned towards possibility of cold solder joint within the big. 1. Motherboard north bridge, video card difficulty. 2. Screen line difficulty. 3. LCD problem
4, ASUS laptop repair --- shoe, but the LCD panel dark Laptop repairs in this situation in the main are: 1 LCD itself is bad 2, ignition coil 3 lamp 4, motherboard New Asus Laptop Battery: asus eee pc 901 battery, Asus M50Sa Battery, Asus M50 Battery
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Asus Notebook Fault Analysis And Remedy Methods.
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